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"Sister's Lessons"


Michael Shuler

    "Kerri, do you have any Sting?" Jo, her tall and beautiful sister-in-law called from the livingroom.

    "I don't think so. Ron might have some in his collection," Kerri called from the kitchen. "Your brother listens to everything, from Mili Vanilli to Bach."
    "That sounds like him. So where is your dashing husband this week?"

    "He's spending six months in the Med, remember?"

    "Somehow I think it's more important to you than it is to me. Yeah, I do remember now that you mention it. He won't be here for my birthday."

    "Lunch is on," as she pulled up her pants in the bathroom.

    "Don't ever do that to a bi girl like me," Jo said with a smile.

    "Do what?"

    "Say lunch is on when your pants are down. I might just take you up on it."

    "If I ever get desperate, I just might take you up on that. But I have mother's little helper," she said with a smile.

    "I've never used one. I'm not as kinky as you are."

    "You don't know what you're missing," Kerri laughed.

    "Do you guys really have so much fun at those weird parties you go too?" Jo asked.

    "Oh Jo, you wouldn't believe," Kerri said, rolling her eyes.

    "You think you could show me," Jo asked nervously.

    "Really? You really want me to show you?"

    "If you don't mind.

    "Let's eat first, you will need your energy," Kerri laughed, pulling Jo into the kitchen.

    Jo took the vibrator, turned it on and slid it up inside her pussy. She clenched her teeth and moaned. The vibrator was cold inside her. The tub was cold beneath her ass. But as Kerri held the lighter to the candle, she realized that things were about to heat up for her.

    "What are you going to do," Jo asked nervously.

    "Hot wax," Kerri smiled playfully. The wick began to burn and she released the lighter. She dropped the lighter onto the floor and held the candle aloft.

    "I don't know," Jo said nervously.

    "Trust me. A little pain gives you world's of pleasure. Why do you think so many people do this?"

    "I didn't know they... ouch! Hey, that hurt."

    "Only for a moment. How does it feel now?"

    "It's kind of pulsating and blending in with the vibrator. That's weird," Jo said with a shiver.

    "A little wax on the nipple," Kerri said as she tipped the candle. Jo screamed, grabbing for her breast, but Kerri pulled her hand away. In a moment the pain became bearable. She slid the metal vibrator in and out of her pussy at a more rapid pace.

    Kerri held the candle aloft again, and once more the wax dripped onto Jo's chest. She hissed, but remained still until the wax cooled and the throbbing joined that in her pussy. Kerri dripped hot wax all over her sister-in-law's perfect nipples. She even used her hand to smooth the hot wax over her left breast. Jo hissed at the erotic contact. Kerri decided it was time to step it up a notch.

    "Bend over," she said in an erotic voice. Jo shivered and quickly turned to obey.

    Jo took the vibrator out of her hand and quickly inserted it into her sister's pussy. Jo cried out. Her voice echoed loudly in the shower stall. Kerri began stabbing Jo's vulnerable pussy with the vibrator. Jo hissed and bucked against it. She swayed gently, feeling the pleasure in her pussy blend with the tortured flesh of her chest. She allowed her perfect breasts to touch the cold ceramics of the tub. She screamed at the contact with her burned flesh. She felt her pussy churning. She wanted to see her sister's hand in her pussy. She wanted to see her lovely face as she fucked her with the vibrator. She suddenly took the initiative and pulled out of Kerri's grasp. She turned and sat on the tub.

    Kerri handed her the vibrator, then once again lit the candle. She dripped hot wax across Jo's chest, then pulled the vibrator out of her hand. She replaced it with the lit candle.

    "Fuck yourself with that," Kerri whispered in her ear. Jo obeyed her sister-in-law. She gently pulled the candle up inside her body, while Kerri massaged her breasts from behind. Her hands knocked cooled wax from Jo's body, littering her legs and the floor with it's remnants.

    "You are so sexy," Kerri whispered in her ear.

    "I'm a 32 year old single bitch," Jo said, leaning against her sister's warm chest. It felt good against her back. Her sister's hands were everywhere, touching, caressing, manipulating.

    Jo slid to the floor and opened her legs wide. She began stabbing her pussy with the long, white candle. Kerri took up the moist vibrator, licked it with a loving expression, then slid it into her own pussy.

    Each girl watched the other as they fucked themselves. Jo had small, perfect breasts which bounced as she fucked herself with the candle. Her long, slender legs were absolutely perfect.

    Kerri had a smaller, fuller body than her sister. Her breasts were larger and hung down a bit. Her face was that of an angel. Jo had always approved of her brother's choice in women. She envied him. She was determined to taste her sister- in-law before the day was over. But right now she needed to concentrate on her own pussy.

    "Oh yes," Jo hissed. Her eyes were glued to her sister's pussy and the vibrator plunging up inside it. She imagined her own hand on the vibrator, her tongue reaching out and sliding up inside the beautiful woman. She pumped the candle in and out of her pussy at a furious rate. At some point the candle had gone out. She hadn't noticed. The candle was churning well up inside her. It felt wonderful.

    "Oh yes, oh yes!" Jo screamed as her pussy exploded around her hand. Her pussy grasped at the candle, trying to pull it from her grasp. She held on for dear life, afraid the candle would disappear inside her. She didn't notice Kerri's own whimpers of pleasure. Kerri stiffened on the edge of the tub with the vibrating dildo shoved well up inside her so only the black cap showed. She shuddered and grunted like an animal, with her eyes glued to her beautiful sister on the floor.

    All too soon it was over and each woman slumped, panting and staring at the other. Suddenly Jo lunged up off the floor and took Kerri in her arms. It was time to take it to the next step. It was time to go all the way.

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